HOA Painting and Coatings

Are you a member of a homeowners association or property manager who’s looking for an experienced, dependable painting contractor that can continuously meet the ongoing needs of your community?

Look no further! At Moorhouse Coating, we understand why it is important to have your HOA property looking its best! We have over 20 years experience working alongside HOA members and property managers and have the expertise and equipment to exceed your expectations! HOA painting services are very important because the paint protects the integrity of the building while providing aesthetic appeal. 

HOA Painting and Coating services include but are not limited to:

Exterior painting

Interior painting

Metal and wood railings

Balcony and Deck repairs and coatings

Wood staining and repairs

Waterproof coatings

Caulking Services

Iron and Wood Fences

Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper installation

Sheetrock patching

Yearly maintenance

Stucco repair

Pressure washing

Concrete coatings

Pool houses, gazebos, and bathrooms

Parking Structures 

Why hire Moorhouse Coating?

Moorhouse specializes in Homeowners Associations, Residential and Commercial projects and Multi-Family properties. We work with numerous HOA’s in the Park City area and understand the amount of pressure on you as a member or manager to maintain and enhance property values for the community. Let us put our skills and expertise to work for you. Our skilled painters are prepared to handle any project, regardless of whether or not your property is vacant or occupied. We offer high quality services in a timely manner with utmost respect to your tenants.  As an active part of the Summit County community we are aware of the ever changing industry and what it takes to maintain a multi-family, HOA property. We give 110% effort to provide you with a stress-free quality experience that you can count on. 

HOA  Maintenance Plans

Ideally, painting should be done before there is visible signs of weather and wear. A monthly/yearly maintenance schedule will enhance your property value and maintain the integrity of the building. This type of maintenance schedule will also allow you to create a budget which will end up saving the community money over time. Give us a call and set up an appointment for one of our experts to come out and walk the property with you. We will go over any concerns and repairs with you and create a recommended schedule for all painting maintenance. This schedule will allow you to plan ahead and budget for upcoming projects. Property Maintenance will allow you to keep your property aesthetically pleasing and retain its value. We can schedule our services so that they do not interfere with events, peak seasons or business hours. Our goal is to provide you a quality service, using the best products available in a timely manner, while staying on budget. We will go the extra mile to create a positive painting experience for you and your entire community. 

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you!