Garage Floor Coatings
A garage floor coating is the most economic and aesthetic way to enhance a dull gray floor. From simple coatings to heavy-duty epoxy-based systems, your garage floor can become an extension of your living space.  Concrete coatings also increase resiliency to stains, tire marks and hide minor imperfections.

With many colors to choose from, the coating can be further enhanced by decorative quartz, paint chips or finished to look like metal.  Garage floor coatings give you a wide array of design options. But everyone starts with preparation. This is fundamental to a great finish.

Regardless of what product you are going to apply, adequate preparation can determine a great finish or a coating nightmare.   What does thorough preparation entail?

Concrete must be clean, dry and not too smooth for a coating to bond correctly.  Grease, oil and paint should be removed to enhance the bond. Moisture in concrete can contribute to failure of a coating. Allow concrete to dry completely.   Roughing up or “profiling” the surface is also necessary for a new coating to adhere. This can be done mechanically with a scarifier or chemically with acids.  The entire surface of any floor should pass these three tests: Is it clean? Is it dry? Is it profiled so the coating will adhere? All three are important to insure success of the final product.


Choosing the right product can be difficult and sometimes confusing. Things to consider when choosing a product: Durability, design, color, sheen, and budget. Once you have a budget in mind take some time to look at other garage floors to get an idea of what you would like the finished appearance of your floor to be. If you find yourself having a difficult time deciding which product is best for you contact one of our professional coating specialists. We have over twenty years experience and are here to assist in finding the right solution for you.

 Garage floor coatings include floor paints, epoxy or polyurethane, stains and sealers.

Concrete floor paint comes in latex and oil-based versions. Concrete floor paint is a less expensive option but it is also not as tough as other coatings leaving your floor vulnerable to wear and tear from tires and chemicals. Concrete floor paint will need to be touched up often and reapplied every couple of years. 

Epoxy or polyurethane coatings are the toughest concrete floor coating. Floor prep is critical when using an epoxy. Most epoxies are two-part formulas and when finished correctly leave a glossy finish. Epoxy floors are very durable and should be recoated every three to five years depending on the traffic your floor gets.

Concrete stain is used to give your floors a decorative look. Stains can be used to make your concrete look like natural stone. Stains themselves will not protect the concrete and will need to be sealed. The stain penetrates into the concrete and the sealer protects against wear and tear. Floors should be resealed every two years. 

Concrete sealers come in clear and tinted versions. Sealers are the least expensive coating but like floor paint they are also vulnerable to chemicals and not as tough as an epoxy. Sealers can be used alone or as a final coat when using paint or stain. A sealer should be reapplied every couple of years. 

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