Who are our commercial customers?

Are you looking for a commercial painter for your warehouse or facility? What qualities do you value most in a painting company?  How important is responsiveness and customer service?


Moorhouse Coating is a commercial painting company located in California, Utah and Arizona.  We provide value added services by constantly reviewing our work with clients and gaining an understanding of their perspective and maintenance concerns.  A paint project maybe wasted if the maintenance problems aren’t addressed first. Or if the decorative elements aren’t completely address prior to commencement.  By first understanding the total scope of work, 

The facility manager’s job is to make sure that buildings run efficiently. When it’s time to procure painting services they rely on the experience of contractors such as Ecopainting. Some of the properties we’ve painted include, private office buildings, public museums, and colleges, even consulates and trade missions.

A property management company is hired to manage a real estate property. Moorhouse currently paints apartments and condominiums buildings as well as the exterior of townhouse complexes. Homeowner Associations also enjoy have us paint their entire properties.

The job of the commercial interior designer is to design and create functional space in a building. A good designer is responsible  for the look and feel of a project. We love working with designers and over the years we have established great relationships with some of the best. 

While we do most of our work as a prime contractor, we do subcontract for a handful of general contractors. When they need painting subcontractors for their construction work, we are there for them.

We provide painting services Hospitals, educational centers, community centers, schools, colleges and universities as well as clinics and day care facilities. 

Moorhouse coating provides painting services to restaurants, bakeries, furniture stores and showrooms

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