A Working Model of Better Building Maintenance

Better Building Maintenance is renewing and refreshing the entire exterior of your buildings at least twice a year to guarantee that your property looks perfect all the time. Paint is a layer of protective adhesive that is sacrificed to protect the substrate. If paint is protected before the adhesion is lost, you never have an adhesion problem and your coating always looks like new.

Better Building Maintenance is a complete maintenance concept that insures a more timely addressing of repainting and recoating of all of your buildings’ exterior coatings at a reduced price. Rather than wait until an exterior needs to be recoated, we apply a maintenance coat before the previous one fails and only on those surfaces which need it. 

This insures that needed areas are addressed and areas out of sun and the elements do not receive needless recoating. By eliminating the larger cost of extensive preparation, by painting before the substrate needs repair, both the substrate, the underlying materials and the paint itself are protected and your buildings look fresh and new. Both time and money are saved. Knowledgeable property managers know that by the time a building shows that it needs recoating, it is too late.


Getting ahead of the curve in keeping a building looking fresh is every painting contractor’s dream. A building that doesn’t need extensive repair before recoating is much easier to tackle. 

Advantages to this approach include:

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