New Construction Painting

Here’s some information we always get asked about the new construction painting process.

When should we schedule you to paint our new home?  We currently have the home sheetrocked and think now would be a good time to get things primed.  Are you available to start painting our home next week? Our painter who we planned on using, isn’t answering his phone?  Funny enough, they are frustrated beyond measure as they have been discussing the painting process with someone for over a year and then that person goes missing in action.

Generally we try to help.  But sometimes painting right after sheetrock just doesn’t make sense.

And sometimes they are in a panic which just won’t help the situation.

Painting generally turns out better when you wait until the very end of the construction process, because everything has the potential to damage the paint during the installation of Cabinets, toilets, trim work, electrical fixtures, closet installations and so on.  So there is no point masking twice to paint something and then painting it again 2 months later after the damage has been done.

The case where priming and painting first makes sense is where you will no longer spray in the home after the first time.  Meaning all the work after primer and paint is going to be by hand. When you paint by brush and roll the masking and cover up is minimal.  It is still necessary, but not nearly the amount of work as a complete cover.  

So if you answer the question do I want them to spray at the end of the project, well you can wait until that time to start priming or painting.

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