Why you need a written contract?

Doing business without a contract is risky while a well written contract serves the client and guarantees the contractor can run a successful business.​

 In some parts of the country, it’s a legal requirement for home improvement projects over a certain dollar value. A well-written contract is simply a document that clearly defines what the client and the contractor have discussed and agreed to. It sets expectations about the product, and it outlines the payment terms and consequences of not satisfying the contract’s terms.

  A clearly spelled-out contract protects both sides in a deal.Verbal agreements and a hand shake don’t hold as much weight as a written contract.  Details ofwhat’s to be done and how much it will cost often get misconstrued or even forgotten. It’sunfortunate that this happens but our memories are not perfect and a written contract protectsboth the consumer and the contractor. Verbal agreements and a hand shake don’t hold as muchweight as a written contract. 

A contract gives you a strong legal leg to stand on should a problem arise. Having a contractshows you are dealing with a professional and not some fly-by-night operation.  It clearly defineswhat’s to be done and how much it will cost.  Don’t be afraid of a contract.  Take time to read it,understand it and even ask questions before signing it.  It’s for everyone’s good.

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