Am I Protected If I Hire a Professional Paint Company?

Jordan Paul , null

May 25th, 2022

Am I Protected If I Hire a Professional Paint Company?

Spring is here and many homeowners are making some updates to their homes, including new paint. Perhaps you are new to town and don’t know any local paint companies, nor have any recommendations from your neighbors. Are you protected if you hire a paint company you haven’t used before? Today we will suggest a few things you can do to make sure you are protected if you hire a professional paint company.

Professional Paint Companies Are Licensed and Insured

One quick way to make sure any paint company you hire is legitimate is to ask to see their business license. A local paint company will have provided significant information to the local jurisdiction to obtain the license, so just having a license checks several boxes.

Companies in the construction industry (like painting) are also required to carry worker’s compensation insurance as well. This protects the homeowner from any accidents that might befall a worker while they are on your property. If an employee of the paint company is injured while working on your home, this policy will see to their needs, not you.

Most paint companies will also carry liability insurance in the unlikely event they cause damage to your property. Ladders can fall, wind can blow paint onto cars, and other calamities are very rare, but these paint companies carry insurance just in case. Their vehicles will also be completely insured, in case they cause accidental damage unloading a tool or something.

How Do I Tell If a Painter Is a Professional?

Painting is an activity that most people can perform to some degree of success. In the spring and summer months, it is not uncommon to have someone offer to paint your home unsolicited. There’s nothing wrong with hiring someone proactively looking for work, as long as they offer the same protections as a paint company.

However, this is rarely the case. Simply as to see their business license and certificate of insurance. If they cannot provide these documents, you can be held responsible if they become injured on your property. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance will not cover you if you hire someone to work on your home. They are required to carry their own business policy.

Professional Painters Will Be Clean and Respectful

Professional painters get training when they go to work for a professional paint company. Local paint companies understand that their painters are the face of the company as far as the customer is concerned. These pros may have paint on their clothes, or may wear a company t-shirt in summer, but pros will keep themselves, their tools, and ther van or truck clean.

A professional company will always have professional looking paperwork. It is not advised to make a homemade contract. A professional paint company will be able to answer any question you have and refer to it in the paperwork. This protects you in case there are any misunderstandings or discrepancies after the work has started.

Professional Painters Will Be Prompt and Keep You Informed

Sometimes the weather turns poor, or products don’t arrive when they are supposed to. A professional painter will always keep you up to date on your project. If your project is delayed due to weather or other reason, they will let you know instead of just not showing up. Respecting a customer’s time is a hallmark of a professional paint company.

Part of the protection a professional painting company provides is the quality. If you hire an amatuer, you will get whatever you get because there is no guarantee or warranty. A pro paint company will back up their work, so you are protected from spending good money after bad trying to correct a problem.




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