Can I Use a Paint Sprayer?

Jordan Paul , null

May 19th, 2022

Can I Use a Paint Sprayer?

In the world of modern house painting, there is probably no more important tool than a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers are the next step in applying paint, and can produce effects not possible with brushes or rollers. Paint sprayers are also very fast, efficient, and relatively user friendly. Today, we will offer a few facts about using a paint sprayer that might help you decide if owning one is for you.

What Is a Paint Sprayer?

Paint sprayers come in both electric and pneumatic forms, meaning some require an air compressor and some do not. Most high performance paint sprayers will use an air compressor that forces the paint through a tiny nozzle. Using varying pressure, these paint sprayers atomize the paint and make it airborne.

As the paint exits the sprayer in the form of a mist, it is done in a precise, controllable pattern. Using different spray tips the painter can paint wide patterns and control the amount of paint exiting the sprayer. Some sprayers can even spray textures like orange peel, knowndown, and popcorn, but these are typically applied with a hopper.

Is a Paint Sprayer Hard to Use?

Using a paint sprayer will require following the directions closely. Not all paint sprayers are the same, so some will do a better job in certain situations. For example, some small, consumer versions have a very small paint reservoir. Constant stopping to refill the reservoir can be time consuming, so the pros usually use an on demand paint sprayer.

On demand paint sprayers also do not contain a reservoir, but rather pump the paint straight from the bucket. These tankless paint sprayers have air compressors that are trigger actuated, so any time the trigger is depressed, paint is sprayed. But the opposite is also true, so the air compressor does not run unless you are spraying.

Using a paint sprayer is quite simple as long as you keep the spray handle moving. Just as with using a spray can, if you allow the handle to stop, even for a moment, you will probably create a run. Using a paint sprayer takes a little practice, but once you are comfortable with the tool, you may find it hard to ever pick up another paint brush.

Does a Paint Sprayer Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Paint sprayers are machines with moving parts, so they will require more maintenance than your other paint tools. First, you must never let paint dry inside a paint sprayer. Doing so usually requires a rebuild or replacement, and paint sprayers are more expensive than paint brushes. Paint sprayers must be cleaned after every use (with a few pro exceptions) or you’ll probably only use it once.

What Maintenance Does a Paint Sprayer Require?

Paint sprayer maintenance will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but all will need to be cleaned of leftover paint, just like a brush or roller. Some fancier models include a garden hose attachment that cleans the pump for you if you are using water based paint. Most versions make a cleaning agent available for periodic deep cleaning as well.

Most of the time, if your paint sprayer will not be used for a while, the manufacturers will recommend pumping a solvent into your sprayer to prevent rust and corrosion. The exterior parts of a paint sprayer, like the spray handle, hose, tip, and tip guard can be removed and cleaned individually. Occasionally, seals will need to be replaced, but only after many hours of use.

You Can Use a Paint Sprayer With Practice

Using a paint sprayer is relatively simple and effective to use, but you will need to practice. Most pros developed their skills painting the same wall over and over. Paint sprayer can make a paint project fast and good looking. Just read the directions, be patient, and practice.




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