How Do Painting Companies Choose the Paint They Use?

Jordan Paul , null

June 20th, 2022

How Do Painting Companies Choose the Paint They Use?

Why do painting companies use some paint brands more than others? Is the paint better, less expensive, or available in different colors? The answer to this question is often, yes. Most painting companies are affiliated with or are subsidized by certain paint brands. Some brands are chosen for their quality, some for their price, and others for their brand name. For example, you might see a paint company whose sign includes the logo of a paint brand.

These paint companies have determined which paint brand(s) works the best for them and have developed a relationship with a manufacturer. This arrangement works well for both paint retailers and manufacturers, but customers are usually presented with a smaller selection. Big box retailers try to fill this gap by offering national brands that are not as dependent on local painting companies.

Still others may specialize in price sensitive painting projects and may use lesser known materials. A lower price doesn’t necessarily mean the paint isn’t as good, but check anyway. Some paints are considered builder grade, which builders use assuming you’ll be changing the color anyway. Other homeowners may prefer paints that have special additives, like texture and special application techniques.

Today, we will discuss a few reasons why some companies use some paint brands exclusively, while others may have a bigger selection.

They Offer a Range of Prices

Some painting companies market themselves to price conscious consumers, because even medium quality paint can be expensive. Where using specialty name branded paints is not feasible, these companies may offer a brand you aren’t familiar with, but is often backed by a large manufacturer.

For example, landlords giving a rental home a paint job every year when tenants move may see little value in using sophisticated paints. Children like to change their minds, so some parents expect to paint their home again in a year. Those paint companies serving this type of client will usually use a good, less expensive paint brand as a way of keeping costs low.

Other paint clients may want the latest designer paint in the latest color, so many paint retailers offer a good selection. Of course, they will back up whatever they sell, so don’t feel pressured to spend more money just for a name brand. Many will offer the same warranty to entice new customers to give a new product a try

Sometimes Special Training Is Required to Apply the Paint

Conversely, some painting companies prefer to work in upscale, luxury homes where intricate detail work, or special techniques may be required. These companies may deal exclusively in “designer” paints that require special training to use effectively. Other companies may choose a particular brand of paint for its quality, ease of application, and available mixtures. These companies tend to serve larger markets, so they usually use a paint brand that will work the greatest number of applications.

Selecting the Right Paint is Important For Good Results

Painting companies know a lot about paint. For this reason, they may select a particular paint brand for a specific purpose based on the market they serve. For example, if a paint company works primarily in regions with long winters and harsh weather, they probably won’t sell much paint designed to be applied in warm weather. These companies may select paint brands that can be applied in a colder climate than standard paint.

Or, these companies may select a paint that can be thinned to be used in a sprayer, as not all are designed to be modified. Professional painting companies will usually have the experience and training to select the correct paint for the job the first time, without wasting money and materials. This approach often results in the best overall performance of the paint, the application, and the look.




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