Pro Tips to Modernize Your Home Using Textures

Jordan Paul , null

June 15th, 2022

Pro Tips to Modernize Your Home Using Textures

Are you thinking of selling your home? Maybe getting ready to take advantage of the seller’s market we find ourselves in? Many real estate agents recommend doing some light updating before listing a home for sale to not only increase the chances of selling, but also increase the asking price. Some homeowners have skills that they can sell in the form of updates to their homes, or, perhaps you are just bored with your decor and need a change. Today, we will discuss three ways to update and modernize your home’s look by changing paint colors and adding or removing textures.

Refreshing and Updating Colors Adds Visual Interest

In most cases, changing wall colors will have the most dramatic visual effect on the appearance of the room. Imagine a nursery painted in deep, dark colors and you’ll get the idea. Depending on when the home was built, it may have outdated, drab colors, or even wallpaper. Some homes will have a product called wallboard, which is a sheet of luan (a very thin plywood material) covered in wallpaper from the factory.

In many cases, lightening the color will also make the home seem larger and more open, which is very inviting. Light colors make spaces appear larger, so the pros use them to lighten dark hallways, closets, and other narrow spaces.

Refreshing wall colors to complement the home’s interior has never been easier with all of the designer and specialty paints available. In fact, many consumers are frustrated by the abundance of choices, leading to analysis paralysis. The pros suggest using your local paint pro to help point you in the right direction.

__Use Specialty Paint or Add Wall Textures __

One of the most popular updates is to integrate textures and features into your paint theme you may not have imagined. For example, kid’s love blackboard paint that lets them scribble on the wall all they want. The surfaces are easily washable, so they can start a new masterpiece every day.

Another popular kids paint includes a fluorescent that works just like glow in the dark toys. Want the kids to have a little light without a nightlight? These fluorescent paints absorb light just like the models we played with as a kid, only now the kid is in control. Paint their room in glow-in the-dark paint and suddenly maybe the dark isn’t so scary.




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