Three Reasons to Repaint Your Home In 2022

Jordan Paul , null

June 16th, 2022

Three Reasons to Repaint Your Home In 2022

For those whose home needs a facelift, paint is often the easiest way to add beauty and function without a major expense. Painting is sometimes considered a challenging project, but it can make a world of difference in the visual appeal of a home. Homeowners often find that a fresh coat of paint makes the home more inviting, better protected, and visually interesting. Today we will discuss three reasons why painting your home can make it more valuable, comfortable, and more protected from the elements.

Paint Covers Scratches, Dents, and Scuffs

The walls of a home can take a beating from kids, pets, and moving furniture. Fresh paint can solve many of these problems easily and quickly. By filling in nail holes, covering drywall repairs, and adding complimentary colors to a space, paint can make the space both look and smell better as well. Paint is available in a vast array of styles, colors, and textures to help mask defects that might otherwise draw attention.

For example, if you have a less than perfect drywall repair in a conspicuous place, consider using a textured paint over the repair. Textured paints can contain sand, styrofoam, or any number of additives to create unique effects. Since these paints are more dense they tend to do a great job of hiding imperfections in drywall.

Paint Makes a Home More Useful

Obviously, paint can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a room, but it can also add other benefits, like masking smoke and other offensive odors. Adding a splash of design to an otherwise boring room can define a theme, making the room more interesting. For example, you can use subtle blues and greens to imply water if the room has a nautical theme.

As we know, when a home goes up for sale, it usually gets a fresh paint job. Any real estate professional will tell you that curb appeal is extremely important. If the buyer never stops long enough to look, they won’t be making any offers, so curb appeal is the first step to any home sale.

Because paint is relatively inexpensive compared to the benefits it provides, it is a great way to add equity. Painting can also give potential buyers the comfort of knowing the home is protected from the elements, providing a sense of security. Most savvy buyers want a home they can live in, not repair, so updates like a new roof and a fresh coat of paint can make the difference in the offers you’ll receive.

Paint Protects and Preserves Your Investment

For most of us, our home represents our largest financial investment, and painting your home protects it. Generally, most builders will agree that maintaining the exterior of your home is more important than maintaining the interior. Keeping exterior surfaces like fascia, rakes, and cornices protected will save you thousands in repairs over time.

Exterior materials such as fiber cement siding must be painted every 10-15 years to maintain its durable surface. Using a good quality paint on fiber cement siding as directed by the manufacturer will maintain your warranty in most cases, putting even more money in your pocket. Combine a good quality paint with good quality caulk and flashing and your home’s exterior should last for decades.




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