Why Is Repainting My Commercial Business In 2022 a Great Idea?

Jordan Paul , null

June 17th, 2022

Why Is Repainting My Commercial Business In 2022 a Great Idea?

If your brick and mortar commercial business is in need of an update, read on. Whether your business is retail, manufacturing, or somewhere in between, you want your business to look as inviting as it can, especially in today’s economy. First impressions are important, and often the most cost-effective way to achieve a good one is to repaint your business.

Commercial businesses tend to take more of a beating than our homes, so maintenance is vitally important to maintain a safe, attractive space. Maintenance projects are more important than ever, given the current high cost of real estate. Keeping your business looking attractive and preventing damage is a great way to boost your return on investment. Both can be improved almost instantly with a fresh coat of paint.

Paint Keeps Customers Coming Through the Door

Consumers tend to patronize businesses that are clean, bright, and inviting. When they have a choice of doing business with a shabby, dilapidated business or one that looks and smells great, most customers will go with the latter. Fresh paint is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to improve the look of any structure, while adding a layer of protection.

In today’s economy, business seems to move at light speed. Consumers are more educated than ever, so many times they are just looking for the most pleasant buying experience. Color is well known to affect mood, so most business owners want to create a space that invites customers to relax and enjoy themselves. When customers are visually invited to enjoy the fun, they tend to be more apt to do business.

Happy consumers tend to remember a great experience and tell at least one other about it. Disappointed customers try to forget the experience and often tell ten others about the experience. If you are not the best color coordinator, consider hiring a professional interior designer. These folks can use psychology and paint to adapt a space that directs customers where you want them to go and see what you want them to see.

Paint Makes a Space Look Refreshed

As business owners, we don’t always have the capital to refresh our retail spaces and offices, but we can’t expect customers to invest in our business if we won’t. Repainting both the interior and exterior (if appropriate) of our businesses is usually tax deductible, so if business is particularly good, investing in a new paint refresh might be a smart move. Many painting companies are also comfortable working at night or over a weekend to avoid impacting business activities as much as possible.

Fresh Paint Does More Than Look Good

Paint can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a structure, but it also has other benefits, like intentionally drawing a customer’s gaze. For example, a fresh paint project can be used to launch a new product or service by drawing attention to a storefront, addition, or service. New paint schemes can be used to establish mergers and branding, particularly when businesses are up for sale.

Paint is one of the few improvements that does not require a substantial capital investment to be immediately effective. For example, painting can be done as capital becomes available, providing the business owner with additional flexibility. The ability to reduce one large painting project into smaller segments often allows the business owner to perform maintenance projects when they will be the least impactful to business operations.




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