Why Hire a Commercial Painter Over A Handyman?

Most commercial painting contractors will have wide and extensive training, knowledge and expertise to outshine amateurs and Handyman Painters. Typically, a painting job needs a lot of skill, even the smallest project probably will have hours that could be potentially saved by advanced techniques. More often than not if you hire an inexperienced person for this job you will have a problem in the future with failure or premature failure from a lack of consistent application or improper preparation.

Surprisingly, even the paint brush used and the strokes applied will determine the final result. Amateurs follow shortcuts in the process, skip the most desired and proper prep work of the surface and will be sloppy in their work making your investment costly and even maybe even worthless. The potential to redo the entire job right is very high.

Hiring professional painters will prove to be fruitful and productive in lots of ways.

  • Prepare for the job and
  • Follow the right painting methods
  • Eliminate losses due to material, time and labor wastage and
  • Finish the job within the predetermined time frame and budget as well.
  • Years of Experience
All these special attributes of the professional painter will ensure better results easily, effectively and efficiently.

The professional training that these experts undergo will help them to choose the right type of colors and process so that the paint can stand the test of time. It is their extensive knowledge that will prevent the paint from cracking, peeling, chipping, or bubbling thereby making a huge difference in the end result.

The professional painters will use the latest techniques and the state of the art technology to make sure that the end result is just as desired. They are well abreast with the advances and trends in the painting industry as well as the tools and equipment required that includes rolls, sprays, and brushes.

They will also use the latest safety gears to paint high-rise building from the outside. They will be aware of the different approaches and will make the changes necessary quickly if there is any sudden and unexpected event that may impact the initial requirements.

The common benefits

There are a few specific benefits enjoyed when you hire professional beyond a faster completion:

  • Quality and the best value
  • Get expert paint maintenance tips and advice for free
  • Enhance the visual appeal, with the right paint product.
  • Have the most cost effective service and best fresh look for the property
  • Have all aspects and areas covered no matter whatever are the nuances.

Apart from their sound knowledge, you can make the best use of their varied resources and the long standing relationship with a wide network of suppliers. Color consultation and choice, durability and functionality aspects, all will be covered and considered by the professional painter.

As the trained professional painter will follow a methodical approach and standard operation process, your property will be prevented from any untimely deterioration as well as from any legal obligations due to any injuries or property damages caused during the painting process.

They will follow the most flexible approach so as to accommodate your specific needs within their work schedule according to your convenience. In short, hiring a professional painter will provide you with the best preventative maintenance solution for the long term.

Choosing the right painter

Therefore, much of the success in the painting job depends on the kind of painter you choose for your project. You will have to look for the specific qualities in a painter when you want to hire on for house painting, interior or exterior, that separate a good painter from an average painter. Remember, there must not be anything left to chances, own devices or guesswork and therefore do not take your selection process lightly.

The factors to look for in painter that will help you to get the right value of your money, the desired end result and a hassle free and risk free painting service are:

  • Their availability
  • Hiring cost
  • Honesty and work ethics
  • Repertoire and reliability
  • Number of years in business which ideally is a mark of experience level
  • Tidiness and quality of work by looking at a few of their previous works
  • Customer service and satisfaction level by reading the reviews and testimonials of previous customers
  • Their reputation in different third party review sites such as Angie’s list and Better Business Bureau
  • Their service package inclusions and exclusions
  • After job cleaning commitments and
  • Guarantee of work and materials provided.

Rates too good to be true must be avoided results and performance and will typically end up being costlier. Professionals will try to finish a work fast in any ways and by any means possible as their prime intention is to do more jobs, earn more money and not to deliver good service.

Hiring a reliable professional on the other hand may seem to be a costly investment initially but in the long run it will be the most cost effective and productive investment. They will not use inferior products, low grade tools, skip surface preparation, avoid cleaning process after the job and even disposing of paint or trash produced during the preparation work.