Commercial & Industrial Coating

Finding a painting contractor for your Commercial and Industrial Coating needs can be difficult to find and understand. We at Moorhouse understand those concerns and with our over 22 years of experience can help you understand what your coating needs are.

What is the difference between paint and a coating? ​​

Coatings are mostly used to preserve the item beneath them. They are also used for aesthetic purposes and for added protection from natural hazards. Paints and lacquers are coatings that mostly have dual uses of protecting the substrate and being decorative.

Our Commercial and Industrial Services

As the many industries we serve have different and sometimes unique needs, our workforce of highly trained painters has the training to complete your industrial or commercial coating project, safely and efficiently. We use the latest technologies, techniques, and equipment. Moorhouse Coating provides a broad range of routine to specialized industrial painting services, including containment and lead abatement. Our experts combine technology with craftsmanship to properly treat structural steel, tanks, vessels, pipelines and other complex equipment. We proudly list an impressive number of prestigious clients and noteworthy projects.

Coating Solutions

  • Sandblasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Tank Coatings
  • Secondary Coatings
  • Surface Preparations
  • Mineral Abrasive Blasting
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Secondary Containment and Flooring Systems
  • Corrosion Under Insulation(CUI)
  • Architectural Painting
  • Long-Term Maintenance Program
  • New Construction
  • Lead Abatement
  • Tank Reinforced Linings
  • Underground Pipeline and Rehabilitation Coatings
  • Concrete Repair/Restoration
  • High Temperature Coating Systems
  • Power Generation Turbine Blasting
  • Ceramic Metallic Coatings

Industrial Applications

At Moorhouse Coating, we take a great deal of pride in testing all our industrial sprayed applications to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. Depending on your specifications, we can help you determine which product is the right choice for you. From safety applications to chemical resistant applications, our industrial strength coatings are the best solution for every industry. Advantages to incorporating industrial coatings are:  

  • Longevity: Equipment will  last longer with a spray-on abrasion resistant coating that protects against impact damage, dust, and weather conditions. Our industrial coatings are also sprayed effectively so that they help waterproof edges and areas where pooling water can otherwise cause significant damage. This process will increase the longevity of equipment. 
  • Easier Cleaning and Maintenance: Protective coatings make for faster cleaning and maintenance steps on equipment, which means more time spent on the job itself.
  • Safety: Non-skid coatings are used for surfaces in wet conditions or any area where workers may be at risk of slipping such as scaffolding and ladders. Choosing the right coating option with good grip and resistance features is a clear upgrade here. 
  • Resale Value: If your business counts on a certain amount of resale value for equipment, liners can help maintain equipment quality and ensure returns are up to expectations.

Problem with Prestaining

At Moorhouse Coating, we combine proven expertise with the most advanced technology in the market to deliver solutions that are safe, cost effective and reliable. We do all of this with the understanding that strong customer relationships are essential to success.

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