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Moorhouse Coating is a local owned commercial company based in San Diego serving San Diego, Oceanside, Escondido, San Marcos and many more locations in California. 

When looking for a painter in San Diego area, you will find Moorhouse has a great reputation for quality, delivery, ontime, on budget and many references and testimonials, because they continue to work on the same projects year after year.


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Range of Commercial Painting Service

Property Management

As a Commercial Property Manager, you need excellence at a competitive price. We deliver that and much more with our 20+ years of experience to deliver quality workmanship at a competitive price.

Medical Facilities

Painting at a hospital or medical facility comes with its set of challenges from scheduling the work without hindering daily operations. In order to accomodate for the needs of hospitals and doctors, Moorhouse Painting can schedule our work at night and on weekends and evenings. We also maintain a clean work area and minimize any disruptions.​

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Education Center

We know of the challenges painting at your school or university can cause with busy classrooms, hallways, dorms and restroom. You can’t afford these rooms to be out of service and to accomodate for that we can work during after hours, weekends, holiday periods and summer. ​


Moorhouse Coating is equipped to provide industrial painting services to our clients. Our painters are experienced, equipped and professional. Our experience in industrial painting space from water treatment plants, power stations, food preparation, labs, manufacturing plants, petroleum processing.​

Check out some of our work

Big Horn

We worked on the interior and exterior of the Big Horn in Palm Desert, CA. We understand the many problems the commercial businesses phase. We will keep you up to date with the project and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Mall Project

Keeping a clean look for your mall in crucial to not only look professional but to make sure that your commercial space looks attractive to customers. Let our expert painters with over 20+ years experience take over and make sure everything as you need it.

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