What's the difference between commercial painting contractor and a residential painting contractor?


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Moorhouse Coating high-quality industrial and commercial painting service. Delivering superior coating, painting, staining, with the timeframe and budget your business requires. 

Moorhouse Coating began in Park City, Utah – as a residential painting contractor, but quickly grew and expanded to include large-scale condos and commercial/industrial projects. SInce our beginning in 1997, we have always strived to provide dependable, innovative projects. Since our beginning in 1997, we have always strived to provide dependable, innovative service. Now with a branch in Irvine, California, Moorhouse is dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence in painting.

Professional Painter Experience.

Commercial painting contractors bring a wealth of knowledge and background experience to completing larger more challenging painting projects. Technology and Best Practices.

Experience over time and the importance of competing in a marketplace that rewards lower prices and faster returns to service. Cost and Consideration.

Understanding the cost and variables involved are generally the difference between a residential painter with a few painters and a crew of 20 plus painters in a commercial environment. Scope of work and Scale. A commercial painting contractor generally has several qualified painters that can manage large crews. Painting a shopping center, mall, public space, airport, or stadium, requires a vast use of management and technical disciplines. Moorhouse Coating understands the importance of surface preparation. Experienced painters understand the use of primer, adhesion, material selection and the reason for multiple coats.

One of our estimators will discuss the specifics of your project and immediately get to gathering information and converse about possible solutions. This initial call gives us an opportunity to come prepared to identify you problems and start immediately working on a solution. If you have photos, plans or specifications or a version of the finished product we want to come prepared to work on delivering that product at the absolute best price.

Site inspections can happen prior to application by the crew if you have enough information up front, however sometimes it’s easier to just walk the site an meet in person. However we’ve worked on many projects that weren’t available to walk because of production requirements and availability.
Timeline, budget, value, phasing, product, paint process and color all impact the final price. We generally assume you are looking for the best solution for your conditions. So your priorities matter. We take detailed photos and video to develop a plan. Our videos and photos drive our production requirements.

Proposal and Project approval “Scope of Work” The details matter in painting. Surface preparation is the majority of the cost. Painting is relatively inexpensive, so discussing what the end goal and application methods will determine what paint product, primer, preparation should be provided.One coat of paint is sometimes the only thing you need. This might be considered value engineering, but if that all you need, why pay for more? Painting on a frequent maintance schedule may have very different requirements. So it’s important to understand your goals and deliver a proposal that fits your scope, schedule, budget, color and final objectives.

Choosing the right paint and materials Is critical for aesthetic appeal and value We know what product to recommend, there are literally hundreds of options and each paint product has a specific characteristic. There is no paint that “Does it all” . We look at the best three and test all to ensure that we select the clear winner for price and application specifications. Once a product is selected we can finalized the schedule and process. This requires coordinating down times, work periods, site access, site specific safety requirements, curing and dry times. And we also need to consider the weather.

Painters mobilize and get to work. And execute the plan. Items we address: Safety, timely completion, access to the surrounding public, areas not to be painted, preparation, multiple mobilizations. Shut down and lock out.During work, supervisors perform daily visits and the project manager stops by to ensure the goals and concerns are being completely addressed. It takes a team of qualified individuals to discuss progress, concerns and additional changes to the scope if necessary.We are committed to maintaining a clean and efficient work space and take special care to ensure it is a safe working environment.

The best part of the project is seeing the result.

Moorhouse Coating provides a service to fit your budget and will work to find the best options to fit specific needs and availability. Industrial buildings often have special needs that don’t fit the typical painting specificating. Specialized cleaning, and labor saving and substrate repair are some of the advantages of speaking with our team. Why should you select Moorhouse Coating over other contractors? Our mission is to be the preferred painting service. We Paint, Process and People, quite simply the people make the best difference. Long tenured employees that are talented, dependable, respected, full time members of a team. People make the best choices when it comes to safety, coatings, access, PPE, equipment and efficient processes. Moorhouse Coating with our extensive experience is ready and able to tackle the toughest commercial painting job in any situations. Our broad experience includes structural, aerial, indoor and outdoor projects.

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