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Moorhouse Coating provides a wide array of industrial painting services. Industrial structures often
have special painting, coating and maintenance requirements.

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We serve painting contractor from area Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Clarita Valley, Santa Monica and other LA counties. 

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We stand behind our service. If you are not satisfied, we will come back until you are satisfied.

About Moorhouse Coating

Some questions you may have about your painting needs

Serving Painting Service in LA

A well-executed commercial painting job can breathe new life into your business. When researching California painting companies look no further than Moorhouse Coating, your Los Angeles based commercial painting company.

For the best results and fastest painting estimate, contact the most professional LA Painters, Moorhouse Coating. As a professional commercial painting contractor in Los Angeles, we take pride in our residential and commercial painting and strive to deliver an attractive finish to spaces we paint whether it’s exterior or interior painting.

Why choose Moorhouse Coating for your LA commercial & industrial services?

We offer affordable painting solutions for commercial painting and drywall repair jobs, including multiple family home painting, student apartment refreshers and industrial painting. A fresh coat of paint can raise the “visual value” of your commercial rental and LA office properties, which is why hiring a painting company like 

Moorhouse Coating is such an important consideration in painting maintenance plans. A lackluster paint job by untrained professionals will start to show unsightly mistakes after several years in the sun or after the paint begins to wear.

Choosing the right commercial painter

Shopping for the right commercial building painting company can be nerve wracking and confusing. When you pick a company randomly online for an estimate, especially a la painter, how can you be sure you will find a painting contractor that can deliver and perform on time?

Moorhouse Coating employs professionals who respect your needs and the cleanliness of your Los Angeles based business. Our painting pros want you to be happy with your freshly painted walls, and realize that the exterior painting contractors throughout Los Angeles are actively competing for your business. We don’t active paint and understand that leaving behind dirt and debris after the job is not the route to a happy customer. In addition, our office staff will respond to your painting and drywall repair inquiries quickly and efficiently, allowing you to move on to other important renovation projects without worry.

Paint is the easiest and most inexpensive way to make over your business. Paint can help the interior
space feel and look as new. Turn a tired office space into a vibrant clean working environment.

Basic services that we commonly employ: 

  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Airless Spray Painting
  • Airless Spray Painting
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Brush and Roller Application
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Etching
  • Dryfall Ceiling and Structural Painting
  •  Electrostatic Spray
  • Floor Coating
  • Lift and Aerial Painting
  • Line Marking and Safety Coatings

Our painting service strives to remain as competitive as possible. Our expertise is proven by past performance, and we continually complete projects that allow us to improve our process and know exactly what it costs to perform the work.

Call a professional that knows how much time, product and material will be consumed, so they can provide you with a detailed estimate and installation schedule.

We provide no hassle estimates and there is no obligation to purchase at any time.

Industrial Painting Service

Industrial cleaning is generally necessary prior to the surface preparation. We provide chemical high pressure cleaning, water blasting, water collection and abrasive blasting services. We also have the ability to blast underwater structures and prepare structures that are damp or have a high humidity

A look at our painters in work

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting is a general painting description for commercial painting or painting outside of the
residential painting arena. Commercial painting is generally comprised of business, institutions and
structures outside of the residential environment.
Aircraft Hangars, Auto Dealers, Auto Part Stores, Bakeries, Banks, Cinemas, Department Stores, Malls,
Mini Warehouses, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Malls

Commercial Painting is an investment due to the possible impact on the company’s assets. It is also essential that commercial painting jobs are completed on time and with the industries leading products.
Commercial painting companies should provide exceptional products and a high level of quality

Commercial Painting Jobs We Do In Bay Area, CA

Asphalt plants, assembly plants, brewers, canneries, chemical plants, concrete plants, cotton mills,
factories, Commercial Freezers, Foundries, Manufacturing, offshore components, power generation,
processing refineries, smelters, waste water, warehousing,

Commercial paintings commonly install protective coatings. High traffic areas need more than single component paint solutions. Generally we install rapid return to service protective coatings where down time may compromise revenue.

We provide facility painting for companies such as:

  • Convenience Store Chains
  • Farm Supply Chains
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Hardware Stores
  • Large Discount
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Factories, and Restaurants.

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