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Property managers are responsible for staying on top of the tasks and condition and overall appearance of the properties they manage, and why is that always

Property Managers and Owners – Why should I hire professional interior painters?

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Painting is one of the best ways to keep a rental home looking clean and appealing to new tenants. Cleaning and Painting is a simple, yet incredibly effective tool for transforming, updating, or refreshing the interior of a home, office or condo. With multiple properties under your care, the best way to ensure that each property looks its best is to find professional company, like Moorhouse Painting to clean and coat the interior of the houses you manage. Moorhouse painters deliver high-quality results on a consistent basis making a significant impact on attracting potential tenants and getting your properties rented quickly.

Do we paint rental properties?

Yes. The answer is always what should we do first, this place looks like it needs to be cleaned up! Whether you choose to only have the walls of the main living areas painted or those of the whole house, painting a rental home will certainly add value and appeal to the property. Painting can help make your rental property desirable to tenants while providing a number of other benefits.

First impressions make a lasting impact, particularly when it comes to showing a rental property to prospective tenants. A fresh coat of paint, you can drastically improve or revive the appearance of the home. Moorhouse can complete a long list of items to generally improve the condition of the space.  Cleaning, sealing, painting, replacing and coating almost every surface on the interior.  

Some of the best management companies we work with, commonly repaint common areas.  This keeps the property looking well maintained and the first impression is that someone cares.

Protect the Investment:

It may surprise you, but paint is a great way to protect the condition of the home as well. Professional application of high-quality paint can provide a layer of protection for the building materials behind the walls as it acts as a repellent for moisture, dirt, dust, and other allergens.

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Increase Property Value:

As the condition of the home is protected and improved, the value of it can also increase. Studies have shown that certain paint colors can boost a home’s value and even make it more likely to sell.

Provide a Neutral Backdrop:

Painting a rental home in a neutral color scheme can create a perfect backdrop for any style of décor or furniture. With a neutral background, you can make it easier for potential tenants to envision their own belongings in the home and make it easier for them to integrate their own style into the space.

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Frequently Asked Questions about New Construction in Park City and Summit Counties

Some questions you may have about your painting needs

What locations do we service?

If you need painters in Colony, Deer Lake, Summit County, Sun Dial, Herber City, Back Country, Wolf Creek, Kimball Junction, Promontory, New Park, Canyon, Victory Ranch, Empire Pass, Midway

Why choose Moorhouse for your New Construction?

We are a locally owned company and have been serving the Summit County, Kimball Junction and utah counties for many years. We have the expertise of being both a great Exterior Painting contractor as well as Interior Painting contractor. We provide our painting service with passion and our motto of serving the customers keeps our clients coming back to us.

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