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Moorhouse Coating offers a wide selection of painting services. Painting is a common activity that everyone sees in their home or office it improves the appearance of a building by affected by water, corrosion, mold, debris general wear and tear.

Painting is the practice of applying paint. And we have tons of practice applying paint! The English language is fairly confusing, because if you google “painting”. You wind up looking at a wikipedia page describing an artist rendition of color and hue. Our canvas at Moorhouse Coating is large walls and architectural elements.

Instead of fine cloth linens, fancy brushes and small amounts of paint, we install thousands of gallons of paint every month. Brushes and rollers are the most common application tools of the professional painter. House painter and tradesman known as “painters” would more accurately describe the activity we mean by painting.

And more recently professional painter means “house painter”. Which includes many more activities than simply a brush and roller. Painting now refers to scraping, sanding, wallcovering, caulking, drywall, wood repair and patching stain removal, filling holes and nails, putty, cleaning, taping, priming and so much more.

Historically painters mixed their own paint, with a ready supply of pigment, oil and thinners the painter would mix up a batch of raw materials depending on the nature of the project and from start to finish would be responsible for the color and final product. is now owned by Sherwin Williams. Most paint is manufactured in a controlled environment and specifically manufactured for a specific application. There’s a paint for every situation. But basically the same ingredients are in every can of paint.

A new coat of paint can transform a room immediately. There isn’t a single item in your home that will change the look and feel as dramatically as a fresh coat of paint. Whether you have a project to paint inside or out, our professional painters transform any space. And gone are the days of oil paint. Almost all paint we purchase is a form of waterborne acrylic coating.

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