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Stain is a large part of our annual maintenance program. We suggest the use of stain on new wood. The advantages of using a stain are often over looked. Stains don’t require primers. Stains seal the surface and can be re applied in the future with little to no preparation. Basically wash the surface and install another coat. Stains weather uniformly and are designed to weather evenly. Because you expect to re-paint wood frequently it makes sense to stain a wood product and then just install another coat in the future without having to go thru an entire preparation cycle.

Stains also enhance the beauty of wood or concrete. Natural elements like wood are generally enhanced by stain and can add dimension and warmth to an otherwise cold surface.

Wood weathers and wears over time and sometimes it will also become stained by waiting to long to re apply more stain. If this is the case the surface stain must be removed and the entire surface will require sanding. Sanding to a uniform, clean surface will allow the stain to penetrate evenly and leave the finish looking consistent.

There is great debate over the types of stains available out side for decks and patios. More times than not we recommend environmentally friendly options and water-borne stains. But sometimes the amount of snow and ice will require a moisture resistant finish and we have experience with the long term result. Call us today and we’ll be happy to explain.

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