Structural Steel Repair and Coating

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Concrete engraving is an enhancement to the surface using a stain and a special routing machine used to cut a pattern into the surface. Engraving can be done with new or old concrete. The end result is a surface that has the appearance of brick, marble, tiles, or flagstone.

Steel will rust if water and oxygen are both present. The rusting process is accelerated by pollutants in the atmosphere, sulphur dioxide from gas and chlorides from deicing salts or marine atmospheres.

Painting or protective systems must be resistant to attack by such pollutants and should be applied only to surfaces from which they have been removed.

The surface preparation is critical to the adhesion and is essential where rapid corrosion is present. For structural steelwork the paint film thickness is important for lasting protection since it is difficult to obtain perfect application under construction conditions. Best results are obtained when coatings are applied in heated workshops or off site before erection.

Where improve resistance to mechanical damage or better durability non-ferrous metals such as zinc or aluminum can be used instead of paint coatings, although this may incur increased cost the combination of metallic and paint coatings can provide very long term durability in aggressive environments.

Most manufactures provide competing systems, however generally we have found that one manufacture may have an advantage do to color, number of coats, sheen or different surface preparation requirements. Generally,

Protective systems can include the following

Moorhouse Coating understands the variety of application limitations. Spray application, temperature, humidity, brush application and access all play a part in the ability to select a system.

Please invite us to provide a system to consider. Typically we find that the right specification may be the wrong product for the onsite environment. A product that might be great for a production will require extra steps or an increased cost in the field.

Abrasive blasting and shot blasting will drastically increase the adhesion and viability of coating product.

Our experience with Steel Coatings started with several projects where the final coat of the steel system was the only product installed. As the projects over ran budgets the cost to coat was cut back. Generally the cost to coat is a small percentage of the total expenditure, however when the coating is performed at the end of the project, it is frequently not completed correctly.

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